Przemysław Rosa – Head of Paid Social


Poniżej opinie innych osób, z którymi współpracowałem zawodowo, na mój temat:


Robert Zaranowicz, CFO, Havas Worldwide:

Przemek is a reliable colleague. His solid approach to tasks is very visible and helpful in a daily routine. He is focused on efficient and constructive solving of problems to complete things smoothly. His good communication skills help to understand all circumstances and this way to achieve an effective solution.

Przemek is also ambitious guy, who pay particular attention on self-development and constant updating of his education and skills.  I believe those ones, who will work with Przemek will be benefited by his professionalism.


Konrad Magdziarz, Customer Value Director, UPC Polska:

Przemek is goal-oriented, has great analytical skills and marketing intuition. I also appreciate a lot his engagement, self-motivation and communication skills. He is passionate of his job and always do everything to meet deadlines. I am sure Przemek will contribute added value for those who decide to rely on his proficiency.


Michał Lutostański, Ph.D., Account Manager, TNS Polska

Przemek Rosa is one of the best people I’ve worked in Market Research Industry. He’s very client-oriented with deep data analysis skills.

I could recommend him to every company around the world.


Joanna Nikołajuk-Panasiuk, Senior Research Executive, TNS Polska:

Przemek is one of the most valuable researchers I’ve ever have the privilege to work with. We’ve cooperated side by side for several years, working for one of our biggest clients. He is a perfectionist who has inborn ability to catch the detail, see through data and give actionable recommendations for the client.


Marcin Panasiuk, Market Research Expert, Orange Polska:

Starting even a very complex research project with Przemek is like a jolly trip to a theme park. He will be like your older brother showing you the way, explain everything and watch you so you don’t hurt yourself.

I’ve done many research projects with Przemek and it always was like that. He is accurate and forward thinking. Multidimensional problem analysis have helped us in coping with cases which were appeared impossible to solve.


Mikołaj Budzyński, InspirAction:

I met Przemek in business training program that I provided for TNS Polska. Przemek has advanced analytical skills. He can quickly look at the facts and draw conclusions building various „what if” scenarios. He could be a very valuable resource when building plans, actions that require complex approach.

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